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Hadrian / Bronze Casting Using the ‘Lost Wax’ Technique
2D and Stop-Motion Animation 2015

Commissioned by The Israel Museum, Jerusalem.
A collaboration with Kobi Vogman.

Displayd at the Louvre Museum, Paris, 2018.
Article about the exhibition:
︎Exhibition: Three bronze portraits of Hadrian at the Louvre, Paris

A short animation made for the "Hadrian - An Emperor Cast in Bronze"
exhibition curated by David Mevorah and Rachel Caine Kreinin, held at the
Israel Museum, Jerusalem 2016. The film shows the bronze casting process
in an artistic yet simplemethod, a combination of stop motion and 2D animation.
The preparation process included a research and a constant dialogue with
the curator and the restoration department of the museum as well as a visit
in a bronze casting workshop. The head used in the film was a plaster replica
of the original Hadrian's bronze statue found in Tel-Shalem, Israel, 117-138 CE.

Directors: Renana Aldor, Kobi Vogman
Art and Design: Renana Aldor, Kobi Vogman
Stop Motion Animation: Renana Aldor, Kobi Vogman
2D Animation: Renana Aldor
Compositing: Kobi Vogman
Sound Design: Mikael Berkowitsch
Typography: Alex Belenkiy

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