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/ Bronze Casting Using the ‘Lost Wax’ Technique
2D and Stop-Motion Animation 2015

Commissioned by The Israeli Museum, Jerusalem.
A collaboration with Kobi Vogman. 

A short animation made for the "Hadrian - An Emperor Cast in Bronze"
Exhibition held at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem 2016.
The film shows the bronze casting process in an artistic yet simple method,
a combination of stop motion and 2D animation.
The preparation process included a research and a constant dialogue
with the curator and the restoration department of the museum as well as
a visit in a bronze casting workshop. The head used in the film was a plaster
replica of the original Hadrian's bronze statue found in Tel-Shalem,
Israel, 117-138 CE.

Directors: Renana Aldor, Kobi Vogman
Art and Design: Renana Aldor, Kobi Vogman
Stop Motion Animation: Renana Aldor, Kobi Vogman
2D Animation: Renana Aldor
Compositing: Kobi Vogman
Sound Design: Mikael Berkowitsch
Typography: Alex Belenkiy

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