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Group Installation 2019

Halame is a meta-location encapsulating several possible spaces: The Bezalel building in Salame, a conference space, and the void of cosmic space. In this space we are creating a hole symbolizing an act of violence, though in a way emptying it of significance and abstracting it to a hollow representation. Halame reflects all those arenas, where the earth is subject to an ongoing struggle, offering a reflexive look on the power structuresoperating under the tension between identity and territory. 

Artists: Maayan Shahar, Shiran Yitzhai, Sharon Azagi, Marah Zoabi,
Ania Krupiakov, Idit Kofsky, Shir Lusky, Renana Aldor.
Sound work by: Sharon Azagi
Bezalel Gallery, 60 Salame st. Tel Aviv, May 2019.

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