La Femme qui Cherche (The Searching Woman) / לה פאם קי שרש
Stop-Motion Animation and Video 2015

Graduation film, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design
Supported by The New Fund for Cinema and Television

An abstract journey in search of a hidden matriarchal figure,
inspired by the artist's late grandmother Esther and her memories of Oran,
her native city on the northwestern Mediterranean coast of Algeria.
The viewer experiences the journey through passing along four
miniature domestic spaces: The office, the bathroom, the kitchen and the living room.

The film embodies an impossible gaze at the past, the remote, and hidden.
Landscapes which are biographic, geographic, and loaded with the feminine and the emotional.
Through the occupation with the terrains of home and family, the artist exercises a remembrance;
in the sensuality of the tactile and visual, she awakens a cinematic language of forms which is driven from both the imaginary and the concrete memory.

The artist's grandmother, who had lost her eyesight, as if gains her eyesight back through the reflexive cinematic journey of her granddaughter. The film suggests a "new vision"; a new sensual experience of remembrance.

Cinematography & Lighting: Tomer Zmora
Sound Design: Ori Kadishay
Graphics: Yaara Bar
Compositing: Tal Korjak

Selected Festivals / Exhibitions:
2015   Alternative Film / Video Festival, Belgrade, Serbia.
2016   19th Japan Media Arts Festival, Jury Selection, Art Division,
             The National Art Center, Tokyo, Japan.
2016   Athens Animfest, experimental competition, Athens, Greece.
2016   Changing Perspectives Short Film Festival, Istanbul.
2016   33rd Jerusalem Film Festival, Israel,
2016   25th International Festival of Puppet Theater, Jerusalem.
2016   Linoleum International Contemporary Animation and Media-Art Festival, Kiev.
2016   Israeli Women Filmmakers Festival, Tel-Aviv Cinematheque.
2017   20th International Film Festival Zoom - Zblizenia,
           Video Art competition, Poland.
2017  The Aesthetics and Bias conference, MFA Bezalel, Tel-Aviv.
2017   Epos 8 - The International Art Film Festival, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, Israel.
2017   NYLON exhibition, at the Tower of David Museum, Jerusalem.
2018   Aesthetics and Bias, Arsenal Gallery Poznan, Poland.


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