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Running on fumes
Video Installation 2020

to De-Construct a Citroën (2DCaC)
Single channel video 06:37 min

Gate (Airbags)
Steering wheels, metal, fabric, fans

MFA Thesis Exhibition Bezalel 2020
Curated by Dor Guez

In the installation “Running on fumes”, two steering systems with
inflated airbags face each other like a mirror image, forming a “gate” of sorts.
Beyond them, in the depths of the space, a video projection follows three
mechanics as they dismantle a car in the garage. With skilled hands,
they gradually expose the inner mechanisms of the car and the video.
A cinematic surgical procedure, taking place on the seam between
concrete reality and an imaginary internal space of stage and illusion.

Direction, Design, Production, Editing: Renana Aldor
Participants: Said Halfawi, Morad Sider, Mahmoud Abu Tir, 
Dan Kisler, Gal Hochberg, Amos Selinger
Cinematography & Lighting: Tomer Zmora
Camera Assistant: Or Drori
Production Assistant: Amos Selinger
Original Music & Sound Design: Gal Hochberg, Dan Kisler
Installation photos:  Daniel Hanoch

Special thanks:
Sharon Davidov
Dan Biton
Meir Davidov authorized garage, Jerusalem 


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© Renana Aldor 2020