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to De-Construct a Citroën (2DCaC)
Single channel video 06:57 min, 2020

Three mechanics dismantling a car in a garage. With skilled hands,
they gradually expose the inner mechanisms of the car and the Video.
A cinematic surgical procedure, taking place on the seam between
concrete reality and an internal space of stage and illusion.

Displayed at:
MFA Thesis Exhibition 2020, Curated by Dor Guez
Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.

Official Selection, Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival 2021
Lookout: The Experimental Film & Video Program

Direction, Editing: Renana Aldor
Cast: Said Halfawi, Morad Sider, Mahmoud Abu Tir, 
Dan Kisler, Gal Hochberg, Amos Selinger
Cinematography & Lighting: Tomer Zmora
Camera Assistant: Or Drori
Production Assistant: Amos Selinger
Original Music & Sound Design: Gal Hochberg, Dan Kisler
Installation photo:  Daniel Hanoch

Special thanks:
Sharon Davidov
Dan Biton
Meir Davidov authorized garage, Jerusalem 

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© Renana Aldor 2020