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Renana Aldor is a video, film, animation and Installation artist, based in Tel Aviv-Jaffa.  
Her cinematic approach evolves from interactions with objects, sets and miniature or life size models. “Ready-made” objects which she then transforms through sculptural manipulation and objects that she creates from “thin air” using different materials. In the cinematic space Aldor conveys an animistic essence through the still object. She charges it with human characteristics, with a sensuality of the body or “brings it to life” through animation and movement. The cinematic space as Aldor conceives it, is an inner space, one that arises the collective unconsciousness above the surface and creates a reflexive image of the reality. Her films are based upon intermediate constructions such as: a stage, a simulation, or a memory. Those are integrated with documentation of concrete arenas, that create constant tension between the real and the fictional. Aldor draws her inspiration from the cinematic mechanism, it’s history and theoretical discourse.

Aldor is a graduate of the MFA program of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and holds a BFA with honors from the Screen Based Arts Department, Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.

Aldor exhibited her works in various galleries and film festivals, such as; Arsenal Gallery Poznan;
Mamuta art and Media Center Jerusalem; The New Gallery Artists' studios Teddy Jerusalem; Art Cube Artists’ Studios Jerusalem; The Jerusalem Print Workshop; Bezalel Gallery Tel Aviv; Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo; The 33rd Jerusalem Film Festival. Aldor is also a member of the ongoing “Aesthetics and Bias” residency program that started in 2014 (Poland/Israel). And took part in the Andrea Zittel (A-Z West) work trade residency in Joshua Tree, California (2019)


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