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Blind Spot
Video-animation installation 2018
11:29 min

An infinite dolly-in camera movement : 
The frame emerges from the darkness, lingering and investigating,
in order to meet its subject; the artist sitting motionless on a simple
wooden chair; a detailed collection of still life painted entirely white,
resting upon a table; and a three-dimensional animated car model
that reveals it’s interior topography of landscape.

Displayed at:
Blind Spot, Curated by Nino Biniashvili 2018,
Art Cube Artists’ Studios, Jerusalem, Israel.
Bikkurim, curated by Sally Haftel Naveh 2018,
The New Gallery Artists’ studios Teddy, Jerusalem, Israel.

Direction, Design, Production: Renana Aldor
Cinematography & Lighting: Tomer Zmora
Compositing & Animation: Or Drori
Original Music & Sound Design: Dan Kisler, Gal Hochberg

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© Renana Aldor 2020