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Blind Spot
Video-animation installation 2018
11:29 min

Three metaphorical episodes create and establish the artistic self.
The frame emerges from the darkness, lingering and investigating,
in order to meet its subject; the artist sitting motionless on a simple
wooden chair; a detailed collection of still life painted entirely white,
resting upon a table; and a three-dimensional animated car model
that reveals it’s interior topography of landscape.

Displayed at:
Artist Wall | Blind Spot
Nino Biniashvili hosts Renana Aldor, 2018
︎Art Cube Artists' Studios, JLM

Bikkurim, curated by Sally Haftel Naveh, 2018,
The New Gallery Artists’ studios Teddy, JLM

Direction, Design, Production: Renana Aldor
Cinematography & Lighting: Tomer Zmora
Compositing & Animation: Or Drori
Original Music & Sound Design: Dan Kisler, Gal Hochberg

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